The resonance of the time being.

Two close friends Adam + Sophie live in this apartment which comes with this amazing old upright piano.

It has been there for ages.

It never gets a proper fix or a perfect condition or humidity to maintain it.

Nothing like the concert halls' expensive, pure, untouchable Steinway, Bösendorfer, Fazioli,


The key reaction, response, tuning, pedal, surface...nothing is right.

But remembring the first time of our encounter, the magic of sound flows, and flows...

There, we were connected. I was inpired.

Recorded on June 28, 2013, Cambridge (Massachusetts).

Not trying to be unconventional, but embrace the voice that the instrument empowers.

I feel me exist, the audience exist, Schumann, Clara, and Debussy exist.

This is one of the kind live recording, I am pretty sure I won't sounded the same next time,

and thanks so much to Sam Beebe to capture my moment.


p.s. I really want a Bösendorfer some day.

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