Silent spiced hot chocolate tasting.

When I was sharing my program of "Legacy of Silence" concert with my roommate pianist,

he said, "I don't think this Brahms and Beethoven program will work together in one concert."


Brahms Op.25→ 25 variations + a long fugue in the end??

Beethoven Op.111 → also has a variation structure 2nd movement

.......After days and days of thinking, I decided not to worry if it works or not. I love all the pieces in this concert, I am going to play anyway. But maybe serving red wine in between Brahms and Beethoven to relax the atmosphere a bit, just like concerts in Amsterdam, unlimited drinks during the intermission? Anyway, this thought of red wine cost a fortune ($600 insurance+permit, wine not included) in Cambridge Massachusetts. So, goodbye!! Wine! I turned this question to Lucy (boss of Voltage Coffee, best in Boston), "Would you recommend a drink or something edible that will have the similar effect to alcohol? That will make you relaxed or excited at the same time?"

Lucy said, "You could serve a very potent, spiced chocolate shot..."

Brilliant!! Here we are, the recipe of hot choco I served in the concert. Before the recipe, I want to thank to all the audiences for following the instruction in the program in between Brahms and Beethoven. "Silent spiced chocolate tasting". No one was talking, and everyone was silently waiting for the choco to be served by my beautiful group of friends. According to a friend named Brabeeba (Brahms+Beethoven+Bach): " the hot chocolate is thick

almost feel like real chocolate melting

the chocolate stay on my tongue and diffuse

it seems to calm me down

almost feel more focus after that "

(Waiting to be served.) (Choco team)

IMG_0821 (1).JPG
IMG_0822 (1).JPG


No measurement in the recipe, I sort of improvising on the way.

But I melt (water bath method) probably

6 Lindt 70% choco bars,

6 Ghirardelli 72% choco bars,

12 Lindt dark+milk choco truffles (ganache inside),

1 medium size Godiva Thanksgiving Turkey choco statue,


1 Pilgrims Choco,


heat whole milk almost to boil then add

half jar of Hershey's unsweetened Cocoa

2/3 jar of Mayan Cocoa mix

sea salt

A small amount of cane sugar

Mix everything.

Devine. Enjoy!!

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